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East Church Archaeology report online

01 August 2010

 For those of you who have found the archaeological work at the East Church as fascinating as we have, you'll be pleased to hear that the full report is now available to DOWNLOAD.

A copy is also available from the Archive webpage, where you'll find many other interesting articles and documentation about the church's history.



East Church, Cromarty south wall harling removedThe archaeological report covers all the work done inside the church plus all the observations of the church made when the outside drain was replaced and the cement harling removed from the walls.

The work was carried out by Highland Archaeology Services in freezing cold conditions during the winter of 2008. Brendan Malone (pictured above) did most of the excavation work inside the church, and in the report you'll find beautifully detailed diagrams of the archaeological features which he did in conditions you would have thought were too cold to hold a pencil in, let alone produce such precise work. His wife Emma did a similarly detailed drawing (also in the report) of the alter kerb stone (picture below) that was found in the East Aisle and is thought to have been the step up to the pre-reformation catholic altar.

East Church, Cromarty Medieval altar kerb

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