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Limewash finale

12 November 2009

limewashing duetNovember 12th - and the last coat of limewash is applied to the church. This is the 5th circuit of the church walls by the Laing's washing team, who have been working at a rate of a circuit a day. Slightly mind and arm numbing the work must be at times - but the end result is looking really attractive. And with some worries about the frost over the last few days it must be a relief to have it all completed.

If you'd like to find out more about what has been happening at the church recently, take a look at our worksite webpage.

So... just one or two smaller tasks to be completed now -  mortar filets where roof slate meets gable end and where roof slate meets ridge tile - and then the scaffolding can begin to come down.

It'll be  exciting to see the church and its new Singleton Birch lime clothing revealed for the first time.


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