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26 January 2009

south wall of East Church covered in scaffoldThe scaffolding now completely surrounds the church and reaches to the tip of each gable. This allows Laing Traditional Masonry to reach the furthest corners of concrete harling and to have access to the roof ready for roofers to move in.scaffolded north gable of East Church

The last section of harling - on the north end has proven particularly challenging. This was redone during the 1980's - and unlike the earlier late '70's harling - has been driven deep into the mortar between stonework.

This cement is hard...! And removing it to a depth of around 9cms in each mortar joint hard too - 3 hours of constant hammering per metre squared hard. I envy Andrew and Andrew their fresh air - but not their arm ache!

roof valley blocked with debris at the East ChurchA close look at the church roof reveals why this needs to be tackled. Gutters and valleys are filled with debris, preventing them from draining properly, so that rainwater runs down the walls adding to the dampness in the church.moss and stonecrop on East Church roof slates

The moss and stonecrop clumps look beautiful but add to the build up in the gutters as they slide off the roof. Regular maintenance is the simplest solution.
lichens on roof slatesThe lichens however are pure asset!

Roofers are expected on site shortly. They'll remove the first metre of roofing slates so that the ends of the timber beams can be inspected for rot and damage - and then carefully sheet it over until late spring when the major job of roof refurbishment can begin.

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