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continuing the foundation stone mystery . . .

30 October 2008

long foundation stones in south wallThe long foundation stones are still causing much deliberation. One theory is that perhaps they cover a culvert,  and so archaeological excavations  - by John Wood and Benny Malone (pictured)  - have been taking Benny Malonecarrying out archaeological digplace inside the church  above the possible culvert line. 


So far, there’s no sign of water  - but plenty of interesting finds.

Bones found show that the church dates from pre-reformation as the protestant church ended this practice -  some families will have got round this by using a vault. In the upper 60 plus centimetres  all the bones are jumbled up - suggesting  re-burials. Curiously there are some cattle and sheep teeth amongst the bones. Archaeologist, John Wood, commented that animal teeth had been found in some other churches too - but why remains a mystery. button, thimble and pottery from archaeological trench

On a more homely note, the top 10 cms or so contained many items that must have dropped by members of the congregation - a wooden ice cream scoop, thimble, beads, brass buttons, coins (including one of King George 3rd) and lots of pins. It seems very close to the surface for these to be shroud pins - did people take their sewing to church?

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